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FS: 8-Voice Midi-to-CV/Gate Unit

A unit that takes incoming MIDI data and distributes it across 8 CV 'channels'

Unit carries 8 CV outputs for NOTE, GATE and PITCH. This enables the user to control up to 8 monophonic instruments in various ways. Inspired by the inner working of the Oberheim 8-Voice. The idea is that if the user presses a chord that contains 4 tones, the user can use 4 monophonic synths and have each synth recieve one note each. This would take synth designing in Reason a gigant leap forward.

• Selectable voice mode for 2, 4, 6 & 8 voices.
• Different modes like POLYPHONIC, UNISON, SPLIT (C3) and LAYER.
• Different assign algorithms for the POLYPHONIC mode.
• Knob for DETUNE that detunes connected devices via the PITCH out control.
• The detuning is applied with slightly different values to each voice.
• Knob for DRIFT that consists of 8 LFO's (one for each voice).
• Each LFO modulates pitch with a very slow and random shape.
• The DRIFT knob enables the user to choose from 0 to heavy drifting.

With this device, the user can also create complex modular patches and still get polyphony. Further uses would be to use different synths with different settings for each output to create really wild patches. It also allows for some very nice old-school analog patches with individual voice design.

Like stated earlier, inspired in design by the voice programmer in the Oberheim 8-Voice.

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