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Make Reason a Rewire Host

I had suggested this a while back, and there was just a little thread going on in the User Forum, but I thought I'd post up the idea here again.

What would prevent Reason from becoming a Rewire host? Say a device was created (like the Rebirth input device) that allowed audio from an external DAW (like PT) to be piped into Reason. I think this would be an excellent, and possibly an easy (or at least easier) solution to the whole audio in situation.

Maybe I'm alone in this, but I basically just use PT when I'm recording vocals, or I'm doing a remix project where I need to build a track around a long vocal audio file. Otherwise, I'm using pretty much just Reason for everything else (anything instrumental or with short audio samples is all in Reason).

Because of this, I don't really have a strong need to have Reason be able to handle audio internally on it's own (it would be cool, but I really wouldn't utilize it all the time).

It would be perfect if I could stream audio from PT back into Reason (having Reason being the Rewire host), and utilize Reason's effects on that audio. I personally know Reason's effects better then most in PT, plus there's such a wide variety of effects in Reason that I'd love to be able to use on vocals. I'd also really like to be able to mixdown a complete project with vocals utilizing the M-Class devices on the entire mix. Right now I've got the instrumentation going thru the M-Class mastering, and then I've got to do further compression and limiting in PT when my rewired Reason session combines with my vocals in PT.

Further more, to match the effects I can use in Reason, I'd have to spend a lot of money on plug-ins for PT, which I'm just not able or willing to do right now.

Any thoughts on this? Does anyone have a deeper knowledge of programming or Rewire that feels this wouldn't be something that is possible to program into a future version of Reason?


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