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Old 2009-04-20, 00:01
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step that follows the time signature in redrum

I know a few treads were about having more step sequencer of the redrum, wich I think is a great idea!
But it would also be really cool that step follows the time signature. What I mean is, let's say you have a song in 3/4. it would be so nice that the step sequencer adjust to that making the sequencer 12 steps long instead of 16.

That would make it so more easy to follow the beat. I mean I know you just have to do the math and it will all work, or change to 12 steps, but I really think that could be a useful feauture. It's not about being lazy, it's about seeing the step right and not havin to make the second half of the pattern (if it's a 24 steps beat) in the first 16 step and the rest in the next 16.

I think that would be great for any song that aren't 4/4. And let's face it, at some point it's fun to plsy with different time signature... well I have fun doing it

What do you think?

Have fun!

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