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EBM Snare sounds- HELP !!!

one of the very distinctive ebm/industrial sounds seems to be the snare. all other form of music seem to have a very quick decaying snare sound wheras ebm seems to feature a snare that sounds almost like a pitched down handclap or a snare with a long decay.

how does one achieve this? i have literally 1000's of snare sounds, almost none of which seem to be right...

any suggestions???

my main workhorses are Reason 4.0 with gigs and gigs of refills and Cubase 4 with numerous VST's including all the Rob Papen stuff and Z3TA amongst others... also running a Novation KS rack and a few Yamaha goodies... plus a really, really cheap mic...

almost none of my snare sounds have the nice long decay like i described above. i usually end up playing with the tuning on a clap and layering it with numerous other pitched kicks or snares to get an approximation...

here's an example of the elusive snare- at 39 secs.

wheras this an example of a short decay snare...

go all the way to 2:11 to have it kick snare in...

PLEASE- do not suggest "just change the pitch of your snare" that doesn't work- specifics please and thank you!!!

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