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Reason SO EASY to use compared to some

I have used Reason for almost 2 years now.

I have to applaud how easy Reason is to install and use. BRAVO!

I might just be a bad apple, but I've been trying to get Pro Tools 8 to work for 4 hours now, without success, on 3 different computers. First, iLok takes a good 20 minutes to figure out between having to use an adequate browser, and having to run USB drivers... on Win7 I had to jimmy-rig hunting down hidden temp folders to find install directories that crashed in order to find the inf driver files to use.

Finally, iLok worked.

But, the killer has been that Pro Tools is unable to find M-Audio hardware.

So..... Reason can work WITHOUT HARDWARE AT ALL. Thank goodness, because I can't get around this pro tools message of unable to find m-audio hardware. I actually /have/ a Midisport hardware I eventually plugged in to try and get it to load up, but nooooo. What good is it? Just the same error message.

Farther more, help pages and such don't do squat for me. Pro Tools requires basic components that require a, quote, "Digidesign-qualified M-Audio interface (not included)". So, I have this piece of hardware labeled "M-AUDIO" right on it, yet I can't seem to get the program running.

All in all, Reason is so easy to install, run, and work with....

So far, I've wasted $250 bucks on a Pro Tools 8 that, after 5 hours of frustration, still can't even get it to start up.

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