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reasons for no vst's in record

We all agree that having no vst's is limiting records audience.

Since there is no official response to this hot topic here is why I think it was not included.

1\ decrease sales of Reason (many of reasons devices would be superseded by plugins)
2\ stability and CPU usage (comes with the plug in territory)

I think the lack of vst support is more of a 'sales' issue than a technical one.

Anyway, I really hope Propellerheads see the bigger picture on this one. Many producers/artists aged 20something have played with reason, but it is just a fun toy instead of the monster it could be because of it standalone philosophy. Rewire helped and many people use it with cubase or Live however this was always toget around reasons 2 flaws. Audio recording and vst support. Record has fixed one of those issues but not the latter.
Lets see how things progress, if Reason and Record allow for VST's in the future I think Live and Cubase people will jump ship. Until then all we are doing is keeping the Reason userbase happy, not increasing it.

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