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Old 2009-05-16, 02:30
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Propellerheads are scared of incorporating VST or AU plugin support in Record.

Originally Posted by golemxiii

VST is a trouble maker at some point. Prop is a small company that want focus on their own stuffs (very well coded, tested, fast, etc...). If they add the VST support - don't forget that VST stuff can be coded by anybody (sometimes badly) and can crash the whole application - they have to face (support) the requests of people who encounter some problems with this VST synth, or that VST fx. So it could be a nightmare for them. This happens every time you want to use third party stuffs.

Are VST cool? Yes, very cool in fact.
Are VST efficient? Stable? Not evry time.
Can VST crash your host application? Dramaticly yes.

And the last question, do you want prop continue to code the best coded stuffs (stable, fast, entertening) ?



Originally Posted by SteveBounce

It is truely fact concerning what you said about VST plugin but all the pros as we all know uses VST or AU plugins and some cost thousands of pounds invested into plugins. Alot of tones this days are VST plugins and alot of Mixing + Mastering are also achieved using VST plugins.
We all know that over 80 percent of Producers and Engineers this days uses VST or AU plugins for various things.
In the case of stability as a user of a product you can only end up or stick to what it right and ok for you.
So, no matter the amount of plugins out there you only use the stable once.

If Propellerheads are scared of incorporating VST or AU plugin support in Record then they could go ahead and write/design an optional patch/machine that can act as a utility software that could enable the used of VST or AU plugins in Record.
In other hand, if you turn out to be those who do not think of any need for VST or AU plugins then you can decide not to install that pieace of utility/software and continue with just Record without V or A plugins support.

Me too.

i advice you join the train............. now!!!

It will be very nice of you if you can add more to this suggested features by telling us what you think and if not please, do support the campaigners.

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