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An open letter to Propellerhead.

Dear guys and gals-

As a user of your products, let me first say that I've had a special place in my heart for Reason. It's the first piece of kit I use when creating my little sonic wonders, and I've found it to be quite versatile. I cant name a fault really, because it suits most of my music needs; and when its time to record vocals, guitars, rabid squirrels etc., I Rewire to my host or bounce wav files. It's all very seamless and easy fun.

My point?

I'm a Reason user since version 2.5, and while thats not as long as some around here, it's long enough to know this important fact. Most Reason users have long been told to Rewire into another host to record audio. Most accepted this as what it is. So it goes to say that most Reason users have saved their money, decided on what DAW fits their needs, and have it purring away on their desktops as we speak. I know thats my case. I know the wonders of Reason and Cubase running in unison. With all this musical power at my hands to wield, create, mangle and destroy, I dont see the point in purchasing Record. Do you?

Record looks great and has some nifty cool features. The mixer alone looks awesome...but- it's nothing I dont all ready have. Nothing that I wasnt forced into purchasing years ago if I wanted to record audio with Reason.

Perhaps I'm not in your intended target demographic. Please tell me I'm wrong.

Regards and support- Tuned
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