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Old 2009-05-21, 10:05
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How About Modular Devices in the ReCord Mixer? - Krumbz

First... ReCord looks awesome! A VERY unexpected yet extremely pleasant surprise!

Anyways... so I see that ReCord is modeled after an SSL board... excellent idea!

But Props are known for their... unique take on the audio world and I think I have a pretty cool suggestion that would make EVERYONE happy... the users and Props themselves.

What if the channel strips could be modular? Like EACH strip... where we could purchase patches or ReFills of some sort that would allow us to use a different brand of channel strip - which would include an EQ and some Dynamics? Or just make the EQ and/ Dynamics section OF the strips modular themselves?

Plus you could also do the same with the Master Compressor... make it modular... if we want a different sounding Master Comp... we buy it and it drops down in a selectable menu - not unlike Thors modular components.

Now I know that ReCord is pretty much done but I think maybe for the next - or future - iterations... it would be an astounding idea. We get more choices... you get more money. And everyones happy.

Now the standard ReCord program would come with the SSL emulation of course but giving us other choices as far as EQ, Dynamics etc go... would be a step above the competition... especially other audio DAWs.

Just my thoughts. I have like a billion ideas like this... sometimes I wish I went into software design... but I suck at math!



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