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Old 2009-05-18, 03:32
RenichBon RenichBon is offline
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Record: RTAS, VST, LV2 AND NyQUIST support


Sorry about the tone but:

Don't be idiots! We, obviously, need plugins and you need to support them! I don't know if I'll use Record if iZotope's Ozone is not there!

We need plugins!

Add support in one way or another! Now! Just do it! You'll thank me for that!

And if you support LV2 and NyQUIST... and make Record work fine on Wine (I know you won't make a Linux version... you're not so visionary yet) me, and the whole Community, will promote your software 10x

Don't be afraid of 64 bit stable OSes... be afraid of what you develop in right now!

It's strange that the cost of Vista is the same as of Record... wouldn't you love me not to pay for Vista and to buy Record for Fedora instead?!

Count me in for the betas! I know how to bug report... I use Linux! (I've registered already)

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