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Old 2009-05-20, 02:05
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Exclamation Props will not be adding VST (TRUST ME & HERE IS WHY) Win-Win situation, regardless.

Today I decided to go more in depth and read as much as I could about Record for the very first time, and as soon as I got to the main product page, this hit me:

Originally Posted by
Record was designed for musicians - not audio engineers.

Upon reading that statement, I am now convinced that Propellerhead will not be adding the support much of you (including myself) would have liked. It's obviously stated and I've accepted this fact. You all should too.

If anything, this is why the rewire function was developed.

Originally Posted by
ReWire slave application, allowing for up to 64 simultaneous audio output channels to a host application...
Basically, if we'd want to continue mix and master with more advanced plugin effects, we're going to have to rewire RECORD into our DAW system (i currently do this with Reason), then mix the individual tracks so forth. Therefore as Props stated, yeah, it is basically a software for "musicians" who want to record and possibly mix as much as they can on the go. So when you think about it, ehhummm... it isNT'T THAT BAD.
At least now I'll be able to do my quick remixes and projects using Propellerhead software and not have to worry about Protools slowing up on me while crafting my mix.

Main reason I would've liked VST support in Record was because I was thinking from an audio engineering's perspective (which I also am), but as soon as that statement dawned on me, I felt as if Props was definitely talking to me.

Nevertheless, its a win-win situation thanks to the rewire capability. as another member stated, "users always complained about Reason not having the ability to import/work with audio", so now that Props has gone to lengths this far, we should indeed cherish it and use it to our advantage.

Well, that's my 2¢.
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