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I think it would be great if there were to be a modification to the Malstrom, perhaps a sequencer mod to allow the instruments of the osc a and b to be changed. This would save allot of processing power due to the fact the addins will be reduced.
I think that reason should have vst plugins to and reason exclusive plugins, these plugins could be bought through propellerhead and would make the company allot of money.
I have come up with a new polyphonic/graintable synthesizer which you can create your own waveforms from scratch which will have more instruments than the maelstrom and the subtractor combined. I have also come up with an rv8000 which has loads more algarhythms, panorama and master verb.
I have also come up with sound to speaker routing device SR-64 which will route any instrument in reason to a specific speaker which is 5.1 surround. Another device I have come up with is the scream 5 sound destruction unit which has contour, bright and more functions like 3 more bands and extra scales which can be set to the bands .
Another device I have come up with is an effects processor EMD-Deluxe with a few hundred effects and modulation patches such as wah, chorus, flanger, tremolo and other effects presets all of which have LFO and measure presets.
A great little device I have come up with is an LFO and HFO device which can be assigned to any device such as a combinator this is used for devices which do not have LFO or HFO. I would love to see the mixers state the exact DB reading on all channeles and the mix channel, perhaps a new mixer would be great with more eq bands such as hi, mid, mid lo and lo. with a low cut function on each channel. What also would be great is that Reason 5 should have the old sequencer and new seq to be able to choose which one to use as some people have to get the heads round using the new sequencer.
I have also come up with brand new package for Propellerhead and Steinberg called Sound Stripe Studio a versatile music production and performance program. I will email Propellerhead with the ideas for this program and it's features.

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