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Old 2009-05-27, 20:02
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multiple patch settings within a patch

Don't know if it's possible yet but maybe within the combinator/instrument have different snapshots/sound settings of the same instrument setup.

For instance have the maelstrom with the default setting then have different settings for instance based on the different filters/ attacks/ releases/ routing etc. So one lead could be mellow and then the next could be really high with resonance then the next could be a slow attack time and the next could be with a lot of tremelo/delay etc. All of the multiple settings needed to change the patch would be selected through the front of the combinator/instrument or even mapped to pads or keys on the keyboard. So with one push of a pad on an axiom for instance you can get multiple sounding leads from the patch.

If it IS possible it would be nice for Reason to have a template of such a device etc.

I've seen some before that change the sound by adding delay or scream in a combi but I'm talking about a button press changing multiple settings like filter/resonance/attack/delay etc for example.

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