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Old 2009-05-28, 06:18
whitebaa whitebaa is offline
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How many Line 6 bass and guitar sonuds in Record?

Here is a point that I saw explained in more detail in a demo video on youtube about record but that is not mentioned at all on the record info page:

There is only a coulpe guitar and bass sounds available in the line 6 plugins in record. Only if you own a Line 6 Pod, then you can connect your pod to your pc, Record will recognize this and then make all the pod sonuds available inside record....

Now my question is this: How many sonuds do we have available in record without owning a hardware Pod? I am asking because on the youtube video, when the person shownig the software opens the Line 6 plugin and choses a sound, there was a list popping up with no more than a handful of sounds.....i cant remember the exact numbe but it looked like there is no more than 5 or so...

I hope we will have more than this?

sorry i cannot provide the youtube link....i think i searched for "record demo" or sth like that and a vide demonstration came up.

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