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how do you make music?

Im starting this thread in hopes to grow as an artist. I simply would like to know how you make music.
Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you imagine what you want your production to sound like and then try to make it that way or do you take bits and pieces of random creations that sound good and put them together like a puzzle. Do you do vocals? Why or why not? if so do you build your tracks around the vocals or do you build the music first and then the vocals? Anything you can think of that you do or have seen done that might help someone grow, add to this channel, cuz we all need some love.

this is how i make music presently:
I take a song i like, usually from pandora internet radio, and i record the track on audacity. Then i pick it apart into a form. For example if it starts out with a melody and a drum beat then i write down melody and drum beat. Then if the base kicks in i write melody drum beat base and so forth. It ends up looking similar too reasons sequencer, like this

Melody 2x melody 2x melody 2x second drum beat2x ect.
Drum beat 2x drum beat 2x second drum beat 2x base 2x ect.
base 2x second base 2x
Try this link its in black n white and spaced out right, forum messed up the spacing.

then once i have the form, and the form is used just as a guide line much like an outline when your writing a paper, i start to make the parts of the song. I like to start with the drum beats, because ive had good results when i do this first, but im not sure which is best to start with. So i open up a redrum and make 8 different beats. The reason i make 8 is that i like my music to evolve. Once the 8 beats are made i do a little survival of the fittest and cut the beats i like the least and keep the top 2 or 3 and pick which beat i want to go where. After i have the pattern down i go through and play with different drum sounds see if i can find something I like better. I then do the same procedure for the melodies and base parts. This may sound like alot of work, and there have been times when it has taken some of the fun out of the music, but for me i usually find the end justifies the means but im not sure if this is for everyone.
Some things i dont like about this way of making music is i like the idea of divine inspiration and this procedure kinda edges on destroying this idea. Also the structures can be kinda boring and ive found most popular songs use really simple structures, but this may be for lyrical purposes such as choruses ect. Overall i like making music this way but am always open to new ideas and advice because there certainly are alot of talented musicians on here.
Anyway i hope some other people post how they make music, or, and i say this humbly, get some ideas from me. Much love, Cody

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