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Old 2009-06-05, 08:42
simorton simorton is offline
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Lightbulb Ability to Transfer mixer 14:2 settings to SSL mixer

I tend to construct songs the same as most people I have met who use Reason, with the mixer right at the top of the rack, 4 x send effects below, then instruments etc below that.

I want to add vocals and bass/ guitar to many of my songs written in Reason - but this means that you have some tracks wired into the SSL mixer (i.e. added vocals) and everything else wired into the mixer 14:2... THIS IS MESSY AND CONFUSING

.....what about a button to automatically deletes the 14:2 mixer and recreates the channels in the SSL mixer (including fader levels, eq, send levels)? At the same time the send/return effects could be transferred automatically to the SSL mixer too.

This has 3 advantages:
1. You of course get better EQ, comp, gate etc advantages of the SSL mixer
2. you get 4 more send return effect slots
3. In record you can reorder/ move mixer channels around - FANTASTIC for me because I mix everything live, therefore I could have more memorable and consistent layouts on my control surfaces, i.e drums ALWAYS on ch1 and ch2, bass ALWAYS on ch3.

Propellerheads have really done a cracking job with Record, big thank you to all at Props!


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