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Lightbulb engineers vs protools vs record

Hey, I am posting this thread aimed at the engineers out there who use protools and are going to get record or are using the beta version. So to begin.....I use a tools 8 rig and along with it I use several rtas including my favorite go to rtas such as the SSL 4000 series and UNIVERSAL AUDIO dsp. I utilize protools for mixing only because in my experience with all the daw's out there tools just seems to be the most practical application. So with the release of record and those who are on the beta version, the question is this....Do you think that the new SSL9000 mixing console is going to provide the SSL analog sound? Reason has a good sound engine which is why most everything that comes from reason sounds exceptional, But the new console in record although studied and engineered from the SSL9000 console still have the reason engine, which in my mind means that alough it looks like the SSL9000 and has awesome new features that reason doesnt provide, in the end it is going to sound like the eq's and compressors in reason. For anyone who is on beta please feel free to give me your thoughts on this. I dont have record yet but I will definitly buy it when it hits the street. But seriously do you think that the record mixer will replace the need for SSL4000 rtas? do they sound comparible? Anyway This post is for fun and thought about record, so please tell me what you all think!

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