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envelope controls on combi interface

it would be nice if, in addition to the four knobs and buttons, and pitch and mod wheel, the combi interface exposed standard envelope controls. reasons:

1 - it's pretty common to want to tweak amp and filter arguments over the course of a song, and while these can be exposed through the knobs and/or mod wheel, the more of this capability you want to expose, the fewer combinator controls are available to modify other parameters. in addition, editing envelope parameters via standard envelope controls is much more intuitive than doing so via mapped knobs.

2 - there are circumstances in which it is beneficial to map envelope arguments to multiple synth parameters or even multiple devices; e.g. one might want to map release to reverb or delay wetness. this is the combinator's raison d'etre.

3 - this would open up the door to (usable) implementations of devices like sherman filterbank - specifically devices where amplitude, filter, and effect wetness envelope curves are sequenced independently - but more generally any device in which one or more envelopes should be exposed for tweaking. this sort of device is only possible at present by mapping a single envelope to the combis four knobs, or by opening the combinator and editing the envelopes of multiple devices within.

a little user experience goodness goes a long way

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