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a few suggestions for Record

Well first of all let me say that I think Reason it's the best of it's kind and I hope and wish that Record will be the best daw ever. I am a Reason fan, it has changed my life, thank you. somebody may already have mentioned these, but here I go anyway:

some wild thoughts (and no, I'm not going to ask about VST integration)

01. insert bus should have a few slots for effects if I choose to record material with effects on it. I usually record at 192 or 176 kHz. cpu's always been a problem so for the ones who know what they do and not just experiment (as I hope to become someday) it would be great to record stuff already compressed, eq'd and so forth.

02. a device for convolution. and I'm not talking reverb, I'm talking gear. this should actually be on the top of the list. for me, personally, it's crucial, since I won't have the cash to buy those $**.*** tube preamps and compressors anytime soon. a few impulse responses done by Propellerheads at their usual standards would be also nice in case you do that.

03. singers aren't what they used to be maybe, just maybe you could arrange some kind of partnership and incorporate Melodyne's pitch correction engine. it's lightyears ahead anybody else. the point is: I am a singer, I work with singers, I know the drill, and sometimes material comes in and it's out of tune, that includes live instruments, and there really is aserious NEED for good, precise and, why not, creative pitch manipulation.

04. a device that could emulate tape, not just the distortion but ,more important, flutter. maybe that way some people's wet dream (including mine) to finally buy a good tape machine will be put to rest. it enriches the voice greatly.

05. eq should have a switch for paragraphic view.

06. this last one I don't know how to put it. well, you know how video editing software like Adobe's After Effects or Premiere work with proxy's? like, they're using a low res copy of the files while working and full res when rendering? or being able to playback at half or quarter quality, etc. something like that would be useful when recording vs mixing and exporting so we don't need to change sound card latency every 5 minutes or even less. I don't know how this could be actually done, but you're the rocket scientists, you've achieved far more dificult things than that. cpu and ram are still a problem for many of us.

I think I had a few more but I forgot. that will do for now.

that is what I personally need from a daw, please don't jump on my back. peace.

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