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chill instrumental rock tune

The song is called Generational

I never really thought of myself as a rock guy (well not since my highschool metal and hrdcore headbanging days). But lately I've been doing a lot of work with guitars paired with keyboards.

I guess there's some influence of the early 70s jazz fusion artists (Mahavishnu, Miles, Herbie Hancock) but trying to apply that sound to a mellow, hopefully soulful instrumental sound. As well as continuing to experiment with the beats and bass. The bass here is Clav from the electromechanical refill, with tape compression from a scream, and filtered by a Malstrom.

I tried to get the sound overall to nice and full and a little dirty. Seeing how far I could push the sound without getting totally distorted.

the second, higher keyboard is a wurli from the electromechanical refill.

the guitar is the Polly combi from the FSB.

most of the drum sounds are from cool stuff!

all done in reason 4.


music at:

mixes are up at
theatrical sound design blog at

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