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More of a function...

This isnt really a feature suggestion, but more of a funcionality suggestion. When I put down a few tracks and decide that I dont necessarily like the bass sound for example, I will pull up the patch menu for the device I am using, and while the track is playing back, Ill begin to audion new sounds to hear how they fit. I use a control surface for the mixer and if I find that, while the patch menu is up, the sound I am auditioning is too quiet, I will pull back the others to let it stand out more in the mix. Now every time I select a new preset, the tracks revert back to the position they were at when I first opened the menu...causing me to, again, pull back the other tracks or close out the menu in aggravation to readjust the auditioning mix before I open the menu again...but then of course, different patches will have different loudness to them and a premix to audition one sound will not be the same as an other sound...

Long story short, I would like the faders and knobs controlled by a control surface to not be overridden once they are assigned...

*this is also the case in one, not to be mentioned, "other" new program by Props...

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