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Lightbulb Record Wish List!!!!

Here is my ReCord Wish List:

1: AutoSave

2. New Drum Machine(MPC style won't work cause unless you have a controller entering
notes would be next to impossible.) but a new machine would be nice.

3. customize rack! change the color of the gear in your rack to match your studio? I mean you can do it with a combi why not the rest of the rack?

4. wave editor so you can reverse audio and or other tricks? or an effects mod that will do it?

5. A tube pre, if you can have a line 6 amp mod why not a tube pre mod?

6. a mic modeler so if you can't afford the good mic's you can make your crappy mic sound better?

7. video sync quick time what ever format that will work so you can do post video production.

8. surround sound imaging?

that's a start I will up date it later
thank you for reading Record is a Hot system!!!!!

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