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FS: New Analog Osc for Thor.

I'd like a new analog osc module for Thor with multi wave output and wave shaping functions, inspired by some moog synths and older vintage gear.

Imagine a look similar to the Phase Mod oscillator with two wave windows. Both of these windows can select either Saw, Square (with variable pulse width settings), Triangle and Sine. There would be a 'mix' knob that allows the user to mix in or blend the two waveforms together. To that, all mixed waveforms that contains pulse/square in them would be able to be pulse width modulated through i.e. LFO or ENV. The "mix" knob should also be able to be modulated through LFO or ENV. An added Lo Freq mode to have this OSC modulte to act as a LFO would be very nice as well. It would be cool if you could choose between blending the two waveforms or just mixing them together. This could be done via a simple switch.

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