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Importing audio to track

Hi there, I think that when you're in the file menu and you choose to import audiofiles, you should be able to :

- import many files at the same time, now you can import only one track (importing tracks from a multitrack drum sessions is a nightmare) ;

- have the ability to choose to import file or files on the selected audio track in record or create a new audio track (s) ;

- if new tracks are created, naming them after the name of the loaded audiofiles should save us a lot of time ;

- ask if we want Record to conform the tempo of the file to the tempo of the session or not when no tempo information is embedded in the audiofile.
I mean that, the first time I imported tracks in Record my tempo was set to 120bpm but the files (recorded in protools so no tempo information embeded) were played at 156. When I sped up the tempo all my files were sped up ... confusing !!! One should be able to disable or activate this kind of option on a track by track basis, at least I think, but maybe it is already there and I failed to find how to do it.

Very good work anyway.

All the best,

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