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Reason Devices as VST NOT REwire

I really like the Reason rack but I really dont like the workflow and editing in Reason, and I always intigrate REASON with real audio via rewire in CUBASE. However the rewire workflow is a bit of a pain in the arse.

I understand the capabilities of Record but I am comfortable with CUBASE and I am not going to just change platforms willy nilly. So the main featrue request I would like to see is the REASON devices available as VST plug ins in other software.

Also it would be great to plug non-properllerheads VSTs into a combinator in REASOn or in an other environment.

Also BATCH export. I built a REASON song and I want to export each track as a separte audio file for editing etc in an other program (as audio not midi. It is a pain to have to export each track one at at time.

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