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Old 2009-08-09, 22:03
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The Middle Eastern drums & instruments


I'm Abdulla from Bahrain

I'm using Reason for about 2-3 years and I can't imagine working without it.. It's really a great and powefull music production software.

I made a number of songs using Reason in my studio.. It's make writing songs very easy and intersting at the same time..

When I visit your website and saw the big number of your refills, I found alot of instruments and drums from many parts in the world were included, but I didn't find any "Real" instruments or drums from the Middle East region and exactly from the Gulf in that archive!

We have a big "rich" traditional music instruments, drums and styles here in the Gulf..

I'm not talking about what can you find in some VST Instruments as Wizoo Darbuka.. no, our music is different and It takes from the Persian and Indian music also.

In my country - as in many Middle Eastern countries - , Songs writers and producers still using samples from old workstations and keyboards such as Yamaha PSR-A1000 Oriental, which is manufacturered about 10 years ago.. these samples are not useful anymore for us.. I know a lot of famous composers and producers make them own instruments and drums samples and I'm sure they will move to Reason if they find this "missed Circle" and I'll be the first one buying this Refills! .. this is my opinion and it's based on what I hear from the Reason Drum Kits 2.0 demo!

My suggestion for you is to think seriously about creating a new Refills based on the Meddle Eastern music art.. and then you can win a large number of Reason users in the Middle East.. I can help Propellerheads in this project if they think seriously about it.. in my country we have some of most creative traditional drummers who working with famous singers in the Middle East..I can give Examples if you like.

Finally, thank you for giving this space for our suggestions and I apologize about my poor English! Also I will be glad to get Record in 9-9-9 .. I can't wait any more! =D

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