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Which Laptop??

Hi Guys

I'm after a bit of advice.

Been a long time reason user and i'm about to get myself some new kit. (whoop)

Anyways, i have a total budget of around £750 quid (as of the 28th) and want to get a laptop and an audio interface.

I'll start with the interface as i'm pretty much decided, i'm currently thinking of getting the digidesign mBox 2 ( as its got the required I/Os to let me do the whole laptop DJ thing as well as giving me access to protools which i think should up my game quite a bit.

Its a bit steep at £270 but seems like a good investment?

That leaves me with £500 quid for a laptop and thats where i'm stuck, my current system is febble (256ram 1.8 (single) processor) so anything is obviously going to be quite a leap but my current thinking is that i want 64bit windows (with windows 7 upgrade included if poss) and 4g of ram, other than that i'm not to fussy, oh and 17inch display would be nice although this seems to drive the price.

Any ideas? i'm happy to upgrade the laptop from the off so if buying a cheaper and sloting in some more ram is cheaper then feel free to suggest that...

Cheers in advance

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