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Old 2009-08-21, 16:31
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How do you make your Reason mixes not sound terrible?

I have been mixing some tracks for a while now and I am beginning to get frustrated with the sound quality of Reason. I run all my mixes through the SSL in Record, and while it does help slightly (maybe?), the tracks are still far from sounding as punchy and professional as anything you hear that's well produced. In fact, the mixes often sound terrible. The problem is that the tracks seem to sound great on my headphones and in my monitors when working within the Record environment. The second I export it to .wav though it all goes to shit. There seems to be artifacts and just weird general noise that goes unheard in Record.The low end tends to be way too boomy, so when I go back in and EQ out the low-end cludder the low end begins to sound thin and's like a never ending cycle that never results in a better overall mix. All my mixes sound really pingy as well and lack a serious depth, warmth, and punch. I compress and EQ everything to a certain degree and follow all the basic steps of how to mix tracks but I never get the results I want with Reason. Do you guys have any tips? I am thinking about just taking my mixes to a professional studio and using outboard gear and the ears of a real engineer in hopes that it will help out, as well as pursuing programs or hardware that can offer much better sonic results in the future. It sucks though cause I love the program I just can't stand the sound quality! I can post a mix later today that may help to have a reference.

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