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Old 2009-08-22, 20:50
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Angry this time real Reason4.0.1 GLITCH !!! (when paying song on loop mode)

When playing looped song on Reason, some strange behaviour staring to pop up with Reason`s sequencer based machines (Matrix, RPG-8, Thor). When play slider reaches loops "R" slider and goes back to "L" some strange "reset" functions starts on machines sequencers. And you even can make to mimic that "reset" RPG-8 through "Start arpeggiator Trig in" CV (it works bit different way).
But most annoying thing, when Thor`s step sequencer stops somewhere in the middle (depending when you press Run button) when song loop starts again after circle. What a hell is going on!!! I can live with other "song loop glitches", but this one on Thor is really gets on my nerves.
There is song with example. To reproduce this glitch, play song and keep press "Run" button on Thor.

Sorry for bad tone, but this really annoying problem for me.


There is some strange behaviour with Matrix when sending CV signals from one to another in order to control pattern selection (of course both of them combined to achieve that). For some reason controlled matrix is late to switch pattern in time (actually is switching, but late to play for 8 steps).

p.s. p.s.

For some strange reason same thing when with matrix trying to control RPG-8 "Start arpeggiator Trig in":
1. RPG-8 resets, but late 1 step (by matrix measurements (speed: Matrix-1/16, RPG-1/16. steps: Matrix-16, RPG-8 - 16)
2. after Matrix finishes all 16 steps with all triggering to RPG-8, next time 16 step on RPG-8 wont be same like before.
3. when song loop repeats, RPG-8 acting different after repeat.

Thank you for your time.


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