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Old 2009-08-25, 11:54
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Exclamation Record is great but optionally separate audio folder from song document would improv

Record is great but optionally separate audio folder from song document would improve workflow.

Finally having an excellent propellerheads product with audio input is a great evolvement in propellerheads way of producing music digitally with a brilliant hardware metaphor.

But if the song document contain audio tracks, they will make the song much bigger in size. This is a substantial increment in disk file size compared to non-audio songs that merely contains meta data (I disregard the aspect of self-contained sample-based songs). The hard disk cost might not be a big issue, though it discourages from saving new versions frequently. The major problem though is disrupting.

Consider the scenario where a professional studio session is recording an eccentric and unique singers vocal and the producer excitingly announces, "this is the take", in the control room. You as an ambitious sound engineer senses the importance of this moment and as an extra precaution safely saves the "record song" while still in the recording phase. Doing this however makes the application halt while attending the obviously prioritised file saving process. As a result the singer notes that the playing halts and or stutters and she is completely lost in her singing. She furiously leaves the studio, and the producer now has a very clear picture of what he is about to do with this sound engineer. Of course such a mistake as "saving" while still recording is something that you don't do twice, but it is yet another thing you must add to your list of "do-not-do-this" for this particular application.

Today's software architecture for DAW's has two styles of file handing;
1) make it self-contained, all data, whether it is meta data as midi, or audio data as wave signals, all is kept in a singular big file (it might be compressed like zip archive but it is one concept from the current OS view). Example of this category is Apples Garageband and currently Propellerheads Record.
2) have it separated with large objects like audio or even video in separate folders outside the "project" file. The project then refers to parts of the audio that themselves are located in the external folders. Example of this category is Steinbergs Cubase, Apples Logic, and all other major DAW's like sonar, nuendo, protools, live, etc.

So please Propellerheads do come up with a solution where saving songs does not disrupt the recording process nor consumes vast disc space, perhaps a sub folder with audio ? That might even be scalable for future video content...

The product Record is still in its beta phase and it might even be changed before release..
Regardless of this I personally will actually buy this product asap even if the monolithic audio file handling is not solved !
So why will I buy a product that I do not consider finished ?
The reasons are:
1) The propellerheads way of simulating hardware has improved the whole DSP industry in general and DAW products in particular.
2) The propellerheads devices have awesome sound.
3) The time stretching feature itself is worth the cost.
4) The propellerheads are a small company from a small cold country that needs all encouragement they can have.
5) did I mention that I live in that country too...

Kind regards

bremberg, uk-studio

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