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Old 2009-08-28, 23:56
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Talking midi out/midi control editor ala combinator

I must say im happy with the direction for which Propellerheads is going, Reason 4...
great, Record...practical and needed, as for what is needed in future updates, well a midi out would be fantastic, it would seem that since times are hard for just about everyone(software and hardware)intergration and simplicity is the name of the game, no grandos features, it seems consolidation and resourse sharing (live/akai)and countless others have made this move with great results. I would love to see Propellerhead do the same(korg/Novation or dare i say Yamaha( not my preffered company though ). by doing so it apears that in this ever shrinking markets boutique esqe package deals become very attractive especially in the controller market.(Dedicated Reason controller...something to think about Propellerhead/Korg...Nice
but anyways onto asking people to buy Record and actually record, you obviously open the door to hardware synths, drums, guitar..etc. this opens up other issues such as sync...etc...messing with audio is a blast but feeling your musical instruments and playing is just as important as capturing that one great take...I do believe Propellerhead should develope a MIDI control machine to finally intergrate/control our hardware devices, something akin to combinator but with more scope in relation to editing midi data, kind of like Midi meets Combinator meets Thors modularity, Knobs .Sliders etc...
As a side note drummachines are back( even though you can great interesting percussion with Thor an others I would love to see a Modular Drummachine in the spirit of Thor...may put a Rebirth control machine in there I think many of us still love that baby still enough to ask for a little love to be shown in the case of further intergration with Reason. Rebirth was my first software program that i used, great then and great now. Ithink that would be a simple but welcomed addition to Reason. Oh update Recycle...Its time...........DK

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