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Old 2009-08-31, 05:28
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I'm losing my brand loyalty towards Propellerhead Software

I'm starting to lose my brand loyalty towards Propellerheads. The two main factors are the slow development pace and lack of implementation of users feature requests.

I work with young people teaching audio production and have considerable influence on which software tools they learn.

Why should I recommend Propellerhead software over competing software to the youngsters I work with? What does Propellerheads software offer that isn't already more advanced in competitors software?


Some examples to illustrate the point.

Development time and feature requests:

Cockos Reaper is updated several times a month with bug fixes and new feature requests. It records audio out of the box, supports every format I can think of, is themable and costs $60.

Melda Production implemented a feature I had requested within a week of my request being made. (Phase invert on their modulators within the MCreative Bundle)

One Small Clue implemented several feature requests within two days. (One related to themeing and another releated to default behaviours).

Software Features

FL Studio (often considered as Reasons main competitor amongst the young people I work with) supports audio recording and VSTs. It is very stable on all the platforms I have tested it upon.

Most DAW software now has inbuilt beat slicing tools.

Many programs now allow users to retheme or even rework entirely the default GUI. Some have built in editors (Reaper) whilst others use image sets (.png format) and XML for layout.

The Young People

One of the young people I taught basic music production concepts (using Reason) is now going to start a music engineering degree next month. He barely uses Reason any more, prefering Cubase 5. Part of me wonders why I shouldn't just start kids of on Cubendo style software to begin with?


It is no longer relevant who we were yesterday or what we achieved in the past, what we do today is the true measure of who we are.

My opinion is that Propellerhead software is slacking in light of recent developments in the music software industry.

Jaded I may be, but part of me still wants to be able to recommend Propellerheads software as a serious solution for making music with computers...

What do you think?

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