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Old 2009-09-09, 11:49
RobertFoster RobertFoster is offline
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Problems Working with Audio in (Record)

I would actually say, a little annoying.
I did a Remix and the original tempo of vocals was 112-bpm and I had to bump it up to 130.
once I placed the vocals in and did all the editing in 112-bpm.
Once I did that, everything was smooth.

But then I wanted to add more vocals to what I have used after almost finishing the song.
when I placed the extra vocals - it did not match the song.

I had to go back down to 112-bpm and then place the vocals and align everything up.
( which seriously hindered my creativity )
Once I lined everything up in 112-bpm, I then had to go back to 130-bpm.

This is really tedious for something that should of taken 30 seconds to do,
it took me 45-minutes .

Dont get me wrong I love the way Record treats the vocals when making tempo faster
and it does not destroys the vocals or chirping them.

but I should be able to AudioWarp (real-time time stretching+pitch shifting)
Do vocal editing by doing vocal editing with VariAudio.

So I dont have to go all the way back down to 112-bpm and set vocals, then come back up to 130-bpm.


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