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reason not recognizing my keyrig

I own a keyrig 49 and I have reason 3.0. and I can't get reason to react with my keyrig (and recently ableton stopped working with it, but ableton has had problems on my PC before, so I can't be sure if it's the keyboard or not). I go into edit/preferences/ and it detects the keyboard, but there's an error report saying that it can't find the keymap (and I've read that it doesn't have a keymap). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers several times, and everytime it detects my keyboard, but it keeps on telling me that it can't work with it.

this is the exact error I get:
The Remote Mapping file cannot be found for M-Audio <Other> ((MIDI Keyboard (No Controls))). If you have separate Remote drivers for this control surface, please try reinstalling these. Otherwise, please restart the program and try again

so how do I get my keyboard to work with reason

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