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Line 6 guitar tones

I'm still using the Demo version of Record as I am still stalling on actually buying it. I love many (if not all) aspects of the programme, however, there is one small thing which is bugging me about Record - Line 6 amp sims.

Nearly all the patches in Record are aimed at hard rock/metal players. And the line 6 unit itself sounds tinny and heavily compressed (to my ears).

I travel a lot for work and have come to love other Guitar Amp sims, and love certain things like rotating cabs, octave pedals, mic placement etc.. all of which are lacking in Record's line 6 amp sim. I have no interest in buying Line 6's audio interface as I recently invested in a very good firewire audio interface - so am stuck in recording parts in other DAWs and importing them into Record, which kind of annoys me because all I want to do is keep everything simple in one app.

I'm by no means a pro musician/engineer/producer, however, I am the kind of guy (i guess) who Propellerhead are aiming Record at (I understand it's not aimed primarily at people like me, but the ease of use right out of the box was highlighted in the promo material) I can find some workable tones from it, but it really lacks the variation that other amp sims have.

Has anyone else found the Line 6 amp sim a bit annoying?

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