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ideas for Reason sound banks

1. Better categorizing

Now that record's out and a lot of pop/rock people are gonna use record+reason (including me) dividing the patches to just Factory and Orchestra doesn't make sense anymore. This is the categorizing that I would prefer:

1. refill for real-life instruments (like piano, electric guitar)
2. refill for synthetic instruments (pads, leads, loops)
3. orkester refill

So in general, I would like to see Factory sound bank left for synthetic sounds and clearly divided from real-life instruments.

2. Orkester sound bank

I'm sure that many agree that the orkester refill is quite dated. mainly because it doesn't feature any combinator patches. There's tons of useful samples in the refill, but it's not used to it's fullest. I would like to see a single combinator patch to combine all the different moods of an instrument. For example for violins there's separate patches for mp, mf, tremolo etc. They should be assigned to a combinator patch so that mp and mf would be triggered by dynamics, tremolo by mod wheel and pizzicato with a combinator button. I know that there are plenty of useful combinator patches in the factory sound bank but it's frustrating to search for normal sounding instruments among all those "hiphop-trumpet" or "lord of the strings" patches.

So, I'm asking for an updated orkester sound bank with a single combinator patch for each instrument it features taking advantage of all those great nn-xt patches in it.

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