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Tool "Sticky" shortcut keys

I'd like to see a feature of several other apps out there known as sticky (or in some 3d circles "Supra") keys.

The basic idea is this :

Shortcut keys for tools (Pencil Tool, Hand Tool etc) work in two ways
1) Tap to select the shortcut, just as now
2) Hold (e.g. for longer than say 500ms or till you click the mouse button with the key still held) and the tool used by the shortcut is made active for as long as the key is held down. Once you let go it pops back to the previous tool, think of it like a hot-key.

This would be very nice for instance with the navigation - you can hold down the 'y' key and just drag along to use the hand tool and let go of both and carry on making edits with the Pencil tool or using the Selection tool

Think of it as just like Photoshop where you hold down the Space bar and click and drag with the mouse to move an image around for as long as the space bar is held (or rather for as long as you start the click while the space bar is held).

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