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Old 2009-09-25, 18:37
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Combinator Modulation Routing: add rows + cleanup

Every now and then I need more than 10 rows of Combinator Modulation Routing slots. For example, I'm currently working on a patch that controls various functions of a ReDrum - well, that was the plan anyway... I assigned the mod wheel to control ReDrum slot 1 pitch, and did the same for the rest of the sounds in the ReDrum = all 10 Modulation assignments used up.

It would be great if the list could expand downward as needed, always leaving ONE open position, and if you fill that one with an assignment a new slot opens up below it, always waiting for one more assignment if needed. Slap a vertical scroll bar on the right edge like the rest of Reason's interface = slickendicular.

Also, how about a "Modulation Routing Cleanup" function, where it goes through the list and sorts everything, starting with Rotary 1 through 4, then Button 1 through 4. When I'm busy routing things, sometimes things change quite a bit, and pretty soon the list for any given device is sloppy - a simple clean up function would be great.

Add these two functions to a previous request I had regarding "Clear Modulation Routing" and I'd be that much more happy.

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