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Old 2009-10-01, 11:11
RobertFoster RobertFoster is offline
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Refill Packer BETA v5.0b3 (build 1,089) PROBLEMS

Refill Packer BETA v5.0b3 (build 1,089)PROBLEMS...

1. No progress bar shown, don't know if the process is happening or not.
2. Constant (" Not Responding ") error when trying to create a refill.
3. Freezes when moving window out of the way.
4. Freezes when mouse is moved.
5. Freezes when mouse is clicked.
6. Freezes when trying to read (Source Folder)

Note #1: All freezes are followed by the "Not Responding Error"

Note #2: When refill is moved from the location, it can no longer be read.

Note #3: Window of Refill Packer can NOT be moved aside to work on other things,
To be moved out the way while the packer is creating a refill.

OS's Used: Windows 7 x32/x64-bit Ultimate Edition & Vista x32-bit Ultimate


New Features I would Like to see in Refill Packer:
1. - Be able to use any sized image other than 64x64 squared.
would like to see rectangle images.

2. - Be able to use PNG, GIF, TIFF, TGA images

3. - Be able to place several images at one time for a refill.
and let the images cycle through when the refill is opened in Record or Reason.


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