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MPK49 Note Repeat latency

Not particualrly experienced at this but I've got an MPK49 and still having problems with latency as far as the note repeat function is concerned (everything else is ok - using an Alesis io2). I emailed Akai support who said:

'It sounds like you simply need to configure the sync settings. Reason does not send MIDI clock so it will have to slave off of the MPK49’s clock.
This means the true indicator for your tempo is the blinking tap tempo light on the MPK49, not the # in Reason. If you go to the sync menu you can configure Reason to slave off that signal so the click matches with the MPK49’s tap tempo light.

You also may be using swing unintentionally or stronger than you want. So check that you turn the note repeat swing down.'

I wasn't using swing at all and did the syncing thing which brought the following problem:

'That all seems to work fine, apat from the fact that when I try to actually record anything in Reason, it tells me 'you have MIDI sync enabled. Reason is not in control of transport controls or playback start/stop. your external MIDI source is. Would you like to disable MIDI sync?'

Obviously, I don't as I then have the same latency issues. When I hit the record or play button on the MPK, the icon on Reason flashes up for a moment but it won't actually record'.

The reply came back:

'This appears to be a bug in the software when responding to MMC messages the software thinks you are clicking the button with the mouse instead of differentiating. This means the software will warn you and say you are using external sync and not to click the button. We are looking into this but unfortunately the MPK just sends the MMC message it can’t control how Reason responds to it.

I will continue to look into a way around this and keep you updated.'

So still no solution. Does anyone have a solution to this that doesn't involve using a completely different DAW (I quite like reason)?

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