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Old 2009-10-03, 15:00
realismo realismo is offline
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Automatic time stretch for imported audio | elastic time


*automatic time stretching:

In programs such as Acid on PC, one of the great sample based music composition features is the ability to import an audio loop & have it automatically conform to the tempo set in the session.
its some sort of automatic time stretching.
if the loop is completely off of the tempo, then of course they don't sound right, but if the loop is remotely close to the tempo u set, works great, samples fit to the tempo, & it is very conducive to chopping & rearranging samples to the grid.
this feature may already exist but when i pulled in a sample into a session I had to conform my tempo to the sample rather than vice-versa, very bad.

*elastic audio:
in protools, if i record drums, i can quantize the digital audio. i can have my kicks & snares shift & lock onto the grid in the sequencer through analysis & warping. its a warp mode. i think something similar exists in ableton live & most multi-track recording software out there. its an absolute must.

*key command for splitting regions/clips:
i Acid for PC, a feature that really help maximize your work flow is a single keyboard command, s , that splits regions(in reason/record--clips) and allows for very fast editing, as opposed to having to switch between tools.

*automatic key & tempo analysis/detection for loops

*tap tempo

Thank you for everything, I think with these features added, i might possibly leave all other software, including PROOOOTOOOOOLLLS!!!!!

So far record is phenomenal, keep it up yall.


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