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Old 2009-10-06, 17:20
RobertFoster RobertFoster is offline
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Angry Racked Unit and Sequencer and Mixer Channel Annoyance

If I select a Racked unit such as the NN-XT for examaple in the rack.
Automatically, in the Sequencer and in the Mixer it should also be selected and vice versa.....

I am tired of having to select a unit in the sequencer, but having to go to the rack and selecting the same unit there,
In order for me to hear and use the unit.

Hence selecting the unit twice in order to use it.

Also the channel on the MIXER - it should also be selected,
along with Mixer channel strip being highlighted with a light grey color.
letting you know visually, that - that particular channel of the instrument
has been selected and active for use.

So its easier to find on the mixer to the instrument you have selected.

and the work flow of Record would be "EASY AS THAT"....


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