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Old 2009-10-07, 21:07
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First 3 songs mixed and mastered in Record/First impressions

I didn't think there would be anything that could separate me from my beloved Pro Tools, but now I can't imagine ever going back. I've used PTLE in conjunction with Reason for years but the symbiotic nature of Record makes it almost too easy to make great sounds. My latest work can be found here:

The top song in there was done beginning to end in Record... the other two were started on Pro Tools but were tweaked, mixed, and mastered in Record. Enjoy!

I pretty much have nothing but positive things to say about Record, but I was annoyed by a few things:

- Can't automate the SSL mixer? At least I couldn't figure it out.
- I actually think this might be a Vista problem, but after I press stop on the transport, my trackpad becomes unresponsive for like 3-4 taps. Weird.
- I really miss not being able to reverse a waveform or applying other effects so I don't have to add/tweak a new plug in
- I know these have been listed ad nauseum, but auto tune, VST support, and a frequency analyzer would really take it to the next level
- While I can live without those, I really hope the next version comes with a more sophisticated delay. I hate having to spider the crap out of my tracks just so I can filter the delay
- There's a button to make the left or right loop bracket come to the current position... I wish there was one to make the current position go to the left or right loop bracket. Hope that makes sense.
- I couldn't find a way to sum two mono tracks into a stereo. It sucked having to wire together all the L/R mono files I imported from Pro Tools so I could put effects on them.

These are all pretty small though. I love the program... I hope you like what I did with it. -BH

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