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Embed Recycle capability into Reason

I've heard rumors of a Recycle 3 and if anyone has some definitive information on that it would be much appreciated. Basically my question is why not put Recycle capability into Reason for the benefit of Reason owners ?

If the Props guys want to continue to sell Recycle as a standalone product then fine but also bring Reason samplers up to date with competing software samplers (such as Konakt and Mach 5) thus making it convenient for Reason users to slice and map from within NNXT or Dr. Rex itself. I can do all of what Recycle does using Pro Tools and/or Kontakt the latter of which can trivially slice loops and save a MIDI file and slices. And elastic time in Pro Tools has made tempo matching quite easy.

The point is that the only reason (no pun intended) that I would use Recycle anymore is to feed loops into Dr. Rex. But it seems to me that the Propellerheads guys should embed slicing and MIDI mapping into NNXT natively or as a feature of Dr. Rex itself -so I don't first have to crank up an external application.

I understand that I can chop up samples on my own and import into NNXT but and make my own map but it seems reasonable to expect a Reason sampler to have this capability since other major samplers do. Additionally they don't require the purchase of a separate application to do the slicing and mapping.

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