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Old 2009-10-15, 16:32
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Ned Rush presents KEY FX v.3 (download here!)

Here is an update of the FX combi i made a few months ago, now with more FX and more playability.

Key FX is an effects unit you can play by triggering FX from your midi keyboard and in my humble opinion is a unique way to use effects in Reason 4. Here's how it works.

Load it in a new combinator and make sure it has its own sequencer track (this is very important!) then plug something into it like you would any other effects combi your used to, drums or a whole mix (can't wait to hear what its like with vocals in Record). Once this is done press play on your sequencer and press WHITE keys on the midi keyboard, ranging from C0 to E4 (more could be put in place but i ran out of steam). This is how you turn the effects on an off. The rotaries do some basic edits to each effect. Mess around with them to get a rough idea of what they do. The buttons turn LFOs on and off to do the tweaking for you.

Now, hit record, press some keys and turns some knobs and it'll record all the key entries and automation, giving you a quick and easy way to do some interesting DSP in Reason and a great way to edit the effects to tighten them up.

Keys C4 to E4 are send fx. i wanted to push this further and probably will in an update.

There are loads of fx of varying degree. some are subtle, some are bonkers. I considered making a list of all the individual effects and what they do but wanted to get it out there quick.

if you take a look inside you'll see its a bit messy. i tried to make it easy to work out the routing but got carried away in the process so for those who are interested here is how it works.

if you take a look at the matrix routing in the thors at the top of the rack, you'll see i've routed key gate info to the CV out puts then routed that to the mod wheel. this is how you can adjust parameters in stuff using midi keys. the mixers which choose the effects have "receive notes' activated, so when a key is press and track is soloed, thus signaling the effect chain. then you need to make a bypass mixer, use a load of audio splitters to create effects chain. to add more effects you have to transpose the mixers. there's more too it than that but i thought most people would just wanna get on with it. if you wanted to create you're own effects chain it would take a while to explain or figure out but it is possible. you just have to wokr out where stuff is going and replace with your own stuff.

have a go and see how you get on. there aren't any good defaults for each effect so watch out when jumping between loads of effect in quick succession. just place around and get some good sounds out.

hope you enjoy.


ps (WHITE notes only from CO to E4, all other notes with make a terrible noise)

WARNING it also uses quite alot of CPU, sorry. i could try and sort this out but it will make some of the effects sound rubbish.
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