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Old 2009-10-15, 23:12
Francola Francola is offline
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What happened to remembering Save locations?

Record has lost one very important time saving and workflow enhancing feature that Reason 4 had. This is the ability to remember 'save path locations'. What I mean by remembering the save path location is this... I separate my songs from my mixes from my patches - all into separate folders. My sounds and efx patches are separated into their own folders too. Back in the days of Reason 4 I never had to worry where anything was saved to... Once I'd saved something into the appropriate folder, Reason would remember this location. For example. I would save Combinator patches into my Combinator folder, my latest track in my Songs folder and when doing an export, I'd save those mixes in my Mixes folder. Once I'd saved anything that was saveable into the appropriate folder, Reason 4 would remember where that folder was, both when doing a 'Save' and a 'Save as'. This fantastic piece of usability meant that I wouldn't have to drill up and down through folders to save stuff and I wouldn't get songs saved in the Malström patches folder or mixes turning up in the Scream patches folder. It all just WORKED in Reason. Which it doesn't in Record!

So bottom-line... Not having save location memory means:
1. The creative process gets constantly interrupted, so I lose my flow
2. I'm continuously using the Finder to go back and clean up my folders, because...
3. I keep losing track of where everything's being saved to, because...
4. It takes time to: stop, think where to save to, find the folder, etc therefore...
5. It wastes much time, which I don't have much of, which means...
6. I don't get so much done, which means...
7. I'm tearing my last few remaining hairs out.

So PLEASE can you fix Record to behave in the way Reason did?


PS. I do love Record in every other way. It is a truly magnificent app. Thank you.

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