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Online Collaboration Feature for Record

I'm in a Band, and since we are in 2009 we don't actually meet in the real world anymore :P .

No but, wouldn't it be nice if you could work on a Song with your Friends or Bandmates "online"? You could start writing a Song and save it to a Server. Then you invite a friend to the session and he downloads/opens it and makes some changes and saves it back to the server. But only the Changes will be saved or added to the Original File. And when someone else opens the file he can see that changes were made and can also listen to the original stuff. So every one would always have the latest version of the song and how it evolved. You could invite people to the session leave comments on different parts etc. And when your done with the writing you can click "Save only current Version" and you get a clean final version and start mixing or whatever.

I think Logic offers some online features where you can do stuff online but its not the same.

Especially for a Songwriting Tool like Record this would be an extremely unique and outstanding feature.

I know people will say, why don't you just meet up in the real world. But sometimes it can be really frustrating to stand for hours in you practice room with four guys with other opinions and its loud and after two hours you just hate everything about the song. And sometimes it's just hard to find the time to get together.
We already do write our songs at home on the computer, not always alone but often, and then we send the stuff to another guy. But after time the files get messy and you don't want to send a 150 MB file to each of your bandmates. And you will get conversations like

"Did you hear what I did with guitar in the 2nd Chorus in the version I did with Georg?"

"You mean the update to the version with the cool drumfill alex did?"

"no, the one where we changed the lyrics of the first verse"


Please tell me when you know that situation.

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