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Old 2009-10-16, 19:44
Morgrugyn Morgrugyn is offline
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Question Ableton 8.0 and Record and actually recording stuff....

So I opened Ableton, opened Record, loaded my old Reason 4.0 track. Then I saw it had routed everything through a master, so I put each mixer into the 1&2, 3&4 etc etc sockets. Then went into Ableton and changed the tracks that were set for Reason input, to be Record input. WOW! yes! it all works, perfect...

Thing is I was really impressed by the Record demo and primarily bought it to record audio with as, though Ableton is ok at this, I wanted the reason fx on my live tracks. Problem is, in rewire mode you can't seem to record any live audio to a Record audio track, as of course, in rewire mode, all audio is managed by the host. BUT! there MUST be a way to get the audio stream from the host back into Record so I don't need to record live audio un-re-wired, then wire it back up again. Or... am I being silly? can Ableton be used as a rewire slave for Record now... please help me... I'm very close to what I want here.. but this problem is frustrating.......

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