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Why do people dislike Rewire so much?

Hi good people. I've been wondering why so many of you loathe or generally dislike Rewire.

Just out of curiousity. You who dislike rewire, is it because you mainly make guitar based (or maybe rather "band based") music and dislike having to bother with routing stuff between apps? More specifically that you find this to be an unnecessary and time wasting process since you mainly use only live recording and/or the Reason devices for synths?

Personally I think Rewire is a great way of getting several "sounds" from several sources synced up for great effect. I actually feel that Rewire is some of the best things that ever happened to computer music. Especially in the light of what we had to go through some years ago, having basically only midi or word clock for this same purpose. I find Rewire to be really easy to use as well, once I learned how to route things in my favourite DAW. Having the freedom to use every free vst effect on the planet on my Reason devices is just one of the bonuses.

I have to say I love that Reason is a "closed system" though, almost like a rack in the corner of my room, so I actually kind of prefer Reason as it is. The only advantage would be if there was a way of routing audio directly through the devices' inputs, but maybe this is possible with Record installed?

My intention is not to try to "overturn" people or to criticize people for their preferences. This is an honest inquiry as to why people seem to hate Rewire so much when I see so many advantages. I wouldnt mind having Record installed alongside my DAW, just for increased flexibility, but I'd rather both in that case.

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