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Old 2009-10-19, 17:19
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Questions regarding Record and potential panic button in Reason

I moved this into its own thread, as I realized that it may be a derailing to the thread I originally posted it:

Ok. Three questions:

1) I'm using Reaper and have my reason devices input directly into the hardware interface of Reason. If I would want to still rewire the devices through this interface, where does Records mixer come into play. The mixer part is what really interest me about Record, so I'm thinking about possible ways of using its seemingly excellent mixer as a midway point before reaching Reapers "audio in". Will Record allow me to run devices individually through the eq's of the mixer, unlike the line 14 mixer does?

2) Does Record introduce the ability of sending audio through all of Reasons devices. Like for instance a live input through Maelstroms Shaper/filter audio inputs? I'm liking the idea of this more and more as I think of it. Maybe I should rather wait for Reason 5

3) Is there no "panic button" (all midi off) in Reason? Just cant find it, and I'm bothered by especially the arpeggio getting stuck on a "note" at times.

Thanks for any answers!

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